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The place was very professional, clean and the staff was very helpful.


I wrote the IELTS three times before I took your class and I am so happy that found you guys because you helped me a lot. My score is 7. Thanks, Calgary Learning.


Thanks for your help Shema. I got 6 in speaking, 6 in writings, 9 in listening and 8 in reading. I really like the way you teach the class.


I have twin boys with learning difficulty. They are in Grade 3. I have tried three different tutoring institutions but I have had no success. Last May I registered in a reading program with Sherma Jeffrey-Ryan and I have seen great improvement. The went to the summer camps there and they did not want me to pick them up after the camp. They learned so much and they had so much fun. I am very pleased that I have found you guys. Thanks I will tell lots of people about the good work you do..

Mary Smith

My son was struggling with math and I sent him to CLI. His mark has improved and I am happy to have him work with these tutors with his grade 10 work.

Natasha Coutain

My son was struggling in Grade 10, His marks were 50% in Maths, 43% in Physics and 63% in English. I was very desperate so I called Calgary Leaning and I set up and appointment to have a tutor work with my son. After three months my son marks were improved by more than 35% and he loves going to study in CLI. Thank you guys,


Manjeet Gill

Grant S.

I arrived at the Calgary Learning Institute to write a Pearson VUE/CompTIA test. The person working there was very personable and friendly, and the computer was set up with the test without any issues. Additionally, the facility offers a locker to store your phone, wallet, and anything else that isn't your ID. And although the testing center is more open with an office cubicle layout, they offer ear muffs if you're distracted by the clicking of mice or clicking of the keyboard from other's also testing.

All in all, the staff and the easy-going environment leading up to the test to not add stress is enough to warrant me coming here for the remainder of my Pearson VUE tests. Recommended!

Taher Y

The experience was awesome. The gentleman was very professional and friendly. Environment was quiet and comfortable. The noise cancelling headphone provided is very appreciated. Highly recommended

Mervin W

I have been using the services of CLI for many years and I am very pleased with the service that I get there. The teachers are very friendly. Sherma will stop what she is doing and help anyone who needs her help. This lady is a pleasure to be around. Thank you for helping me when I call with short notice.

Curtis M

Very positive experience. I get easily distracted and stress out about it. The noise cancelling headphones they provided helped me block everything out and focus on my exam.


Great place for online tests. Nice space...noise cancelling headphones. Professional staff. Overall good good.

Jo Liu

Very professional instructor with patient and mindful pedagogy to students who are from different culture backgrounds. Highly recommend to people who wanted to raise their marks on language tests.

Tiffany D

I’ve been writing my exams with the Calgary learning institute for 3 years now, they have provided me with nothing but exceptional service! The provide you with a calm and quite area to write you exams or tests. The staff are polite and helpful!

Ben De Lima

Excellent! The centre is great, the rooms are quiet, and the staff is very helpful and friendly. Sharma and Arnold made a really pleasant experience taking exams at Calgary Learning Centre. In my view, this is The BEST Testing Centre in Calgary. Great experience! Highly Recommended.

Dianna G

Really friendly staff. Simple sign in, easy process. Quiet setting made the atmosphere appropriate for testing. Good overall experience for my exam.

Corey Anne D

Just took a test here. The staff were professional. one of the staff was in training and he did a great job. I really liked that I had the option of noise cancelling headphones or earplugs. Lockers were available for my things and it was very convenient as they gave me a lock and I kept the key while I wrote my exam. Was a very good experience and I was pleased with the test centre.

Kourosh B

I wrote my MCAT here and I have zero complaints. The test area was a nice temperature which made it easy to concentrate. They also have a very friendly staff. I just wish the area was a bit bigger.

Junie G

Highly recommended. The thing that I liked about the test centre is they are providing a wireless headphone (more like an isolating sound headphone), so that you can focus on your exam, without any sound distractions.

Bhavdeep J

Excellent service. Very nice

Robert Scott

Best service in the city. They treat you with excellent service, they are better than other institute in Calgary. They offer a lot of courses with trained staff.

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