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A Message From The President

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From the Desk of Sherma Jeffery-Ryan

President’s Message

I am pleased to be able to make a difference for individuals in my community and anyone who has a desire to change his/her life by investing in education and higher learning. The founding objective of this Institute is to enrich the lives of students through the provision of a high quality of education in Information Technology, computer literacy, numeracy, English as Second Language (ESL), and many other programs and services. Our programs allow flexible delivery of instruction, individual attention, in-depth coverage of study material and solid mastery of essential skills.

We promote a secure and relaxed learning atmosphere that encourages intellectual risk-taking and achieves a true emphasis on academic excellence and skills development. We provide a wide range of courses to prepare students for life, school, college, and career.


At the Calgary Learning Institute, we believe that we can change the world one student at a time.

Together we can eliminate poverty!

Sherma Jeffrey-Ryan, BA, BEd. MEd.