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Our Philosophy

At Calgary Learning we realize that quality of teaching and tutoring demands more than just academic expertise on the part of the teachers and tutors. The key to establishing a foundation for learning development is a warm and positive relationship with students without fostering dependency. We provide them with clear structure, techniques and strategies to approach challenging material. By stimulating the learning process, we are able to help students gain the self-awareness needed to succeed in applying strategies independently.

Teachers and Tutors at Calgary Learning focus on identifying the students’ strengths, while addressing the areas that need attention.  Our focus is a holistic approach of the total learning process, rather than solely on deficits.  CLI students are motivated to learn and enjoy tackling challenging assignments.

They are actively involved in their own learning / tutoring program. Current assignments are addressed while students gain transferable skills. They are also encouraged to set attainable goals, and to work towards meeting them.