Leadership Skills

Self-esteem & Confidence

Coping with Anxiety & Depression

Effective Communication

Managing Emotions

Self-esteem & Confidence

Life Etiquettes & Boundaries

Time Management

Relaxation & Mindfulness

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Coaching, Mentorship & Training Programs for Girls, Teens, and Women

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Public Speaking and Communication




Anger Management
Managing Peer Pressure
Dealing with Anxiety and Fear
Managing Emotions

Coaching, Mentorship & Training Programs for Girls, Teens, and Women

Online Sessions

Private Face-to-Face

Group Sessions

Skills & Goals of the Program? 

Leadership skills 

Life Etiquettes
Creating Healthy Boundaries 

Public Speaking & Effective Communication

Self Esteem and Confidence

The Art of Managing Your Emotions 

The Skills to Manage Peer Pressure 

Skills to Deal with Anxiety & Fear

Grooming Elegance & Grace 

Anger Management 

What will Queens learn? 
Participants learn will learn:
♥️ The art of self love and create a healthy self-esteem
♥ To become a conscious leader and create healthy and necessary boundaries 
♥ Public speaking and articulating their thoughts clearly and expressing their feelings with conviction 
♥ Self control, goal setting and healthy habits for a holistic body, mind and soul 
♥ The art of Self-advocacy
♥ Become bully and peer pressure proof as they learn to make choices that serve them and become comfortable and confident with themselves and others 
♥ Graduate from this program as confident queens – enthroned



The Charm School For Queens

CAD 295.00

Workshop - Mentorship Session

CAD 75.00

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Sherma Jeffrey-Ryan
Sherma Jeffrey-Ryan has been an Alberta certified teacher for the past 19 years. She has worked as a Junior High teacher, Elementary teacher, ESL District teacher, ESL classroom teacher, Resource and Corrective teacher, and a Diverse Learning teacher. She has completed a Master’s degree in Education, a Graduate Certificate in Applied Counselling, a Bachelor of Arts degree, and a Bachelor of Education degree. Prior to her master’s degree, she has completed a diploma in Children’s Mental Health and a Certificate in Teaching English as a Seconding Language. Sherma has a desire to impact the next generation through education. Her love of learning and teaching is exemplified in her work as a teacher, coach and mentor. Presently she teaches with the Calgary school system, and she teaches both children and adults at Calgary Learning Institute. She has been the director and owner of a business that provides ESL training to children and adults for the past 15 years. Sherma is also a director of a local not-for-profit organization that works with immigrants and underprivileged families. Sherma has been working with women and girls to transform their lives, over fear and anxiety, and reach their destiny. She is honoured and proud to be part of this diverse community, where she can make a difference.

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